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Post by Kiyoshi on Wed Sep 16, 2015 9:10 am

Clan Name: Djiin Clan

Clan Location: Kirigakure no Sato

Size: 15
Clan Ability Description: The Jiin clan is extremely in tune with their elemental chakra, so much so that they are viewed as being one with it. They seem to flow with it effortlessly, and that isn't any illusion. If the Jutsu is of the element of the user then the Jutsu will cost 80%

This has very strong draw backs. The user can learn only a single element and no more than that. And all jutsu that are not elemental will cost five chakra points more than they normally would per rank. This is to say that a Ninjutsu or Genjutsu without an element at a D Rank would cost 5 more and at a C Rank it would cost 10 more, etc.

The members of this clan may make Jutsu based upon themselves becoming their element on some level. The higher the KKG rank you have the more of your body you will be able to transform.
1: Fingers and hands may become the element with a 10 chakra upkeep.
2: Hands and forearms may become the element with a 20 chakra upkeep.
3: arms may become the element with a 30 chakra upkeep.
4: Limbs may become the element with a 40 Chakra upkeep.
5: The user may fully transform with a 50 Chakra Upkeep.

KKG Advancement: This KKG goes up with your element.

History: The Jiin clan family is one of great wealth. They are believed to be related to the Hozuki clan very closely, and the two bicker back and forth as to which of the two clans came first. Each claims it was their own clan was used as the spring board for the other. The Hozuki believe that the Jiin are just improper Hozuki clan members who have strayed from the water release. The Jiin believe that the Hozuki are just Jiin clan members whose blood line was somehow limited to only one element to transform into.
Bloodline Reputation: They are known by all of Kirigakure and an enigma outside of said village.
Clan Jutsus: To come, maybe! Already so useful XD

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