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Konohagakure Empty Konohagakure

Post by Vex on Fri Sep 11, 2015 12:09 pm

Konohagakure no Sato

In the era of the shinobi world, Konohagakure was known as on of the greatest and well renowned for their power and influence in the world. Hokage after Hokage led the village through many dark and trying times against different threats that ranged between wars with other villages, rogue shinobi organizations and even the Bijuu themselves. Slowly but steadily the village of Konoha had become a beacon of light and safety throughout the world. The Hokage's were known to be powerful but equally kind and merciful, the villagers were friendly and well prepared for even the most dire of situations: with all of their amassed power, like-mindedness and pride, they were a formidable opponent to anyone in the land.

The thing about bright candles in darkness is that though bright and illuminating, they burn out the quickest. In the age where the art and era of shinobi began to die, Konoha was the first of the major villages to fall. Modernization and industrialization revolutionized parts of the shinobi world and forced people and villages alike to re-evaluate their dreams, opinions and loyalties. A trying time was ahead for the village: during this time of change, their last Hokage took ill and passed away suddenly. With the changes in the world sparking mixed feelings and fear, choosing another Hokage was difficult. Without a leader to guide and console their growing anxieties, the village broke out into chaos as old ideals clashed against new ideals. Several groups of shinobi fought against one another in an attempt to seize control of the village and implement their own opinionated doctrines.

Out of these groups which fought for power, the Uchiha clan were the loudest and repelled all of their opposition. With the village's structure and hierarchy broken down, the title of Hokage was an empty title and the mixed feelings of the villagers would not accept being ruled by any one person of the old ideals. They wanted revolution, change and be led into a different brighter future. The Uchiha responded to the mixed sentiments of the people and instilled martial law. They set up a government based on a military system with a chain of command. While the Uchiha were not specifically in control, their counsel and guidance were greatly considered and sought from many in the village. The Uchiha had chosen promising people throughout the village to serve as a chain of command and lead the village into a newer era where the ideals of the shinobi world were eventually forgotten and became words in history books.

The newer ideals presented in Konoha were accepted with unease at first, but as the years went by and things changed in the village's favor around the changing world, the villagers accepted the new idea of a military might controlling the fate of the village over any one man or woman. The old illustrious Konohagakure no Sato was transformed into that of a mighty military, their nation grew in military power and a tightly controlled and structured chain of command. Instead of being called shinobi, their warriors were now called soldiers and given different tasks based on their aptitude and skills. The practice of Ninjutsu was banned: citizens of the village were not permitted to use Ninjutsu or their KKGs, they were monitored and punished appropriately for misusing the inherent powers within them. The only ones allowed to use Ninjutsu and their clan abilities were those in service to the village,, the military. While their uses became warped and confined in the views of those leading them, altogether the ideals and practice of the shniobi ninjutsu was lost.

As the Land of Fire changed, so did the rest of the world around it. Years went by and Konohagakure no Sato once again grew in power and became one of the mightiest nations in the world. They were recognized for their military strength and easily identified by the camouflage uniforms their military was required to wear. Among the world, Konoha was the most strict and professional: their enemies associated and compared them to the sharp edge of a sword which only sharpened itself.

Eventually one person was born into the village which would change the mold of the village. A fanatical family within the Uchiha clan had never truly embraced the newer era and clung to their old ways: while passive and quiet, they retained knowledge of the shinobi world by recording it into books and scrolls. Out of this family, Vex Uchiha was born and raised. Her paranoid and traditional grandparents took her from her parents and raised her in the traditions and ways of the old shinobi era. She was treated as a weapon instead of their only grandchild. Knowledge was poured into her young mind and forced her to mature even before the age of ten years old. Her grandparents taught her everything that had been passed down to them, they forced her mind to retain the information by photographic memory and pushed her until she learned the fundamentals of Ninjutsu.

After training her like a weapon, at the age of eight she was enlisted into the military and served as a grunt under the command of her father who treated her as a soldier instead of a daughter. She learned her place in the village and embraced the military might's system while holding on to the doctrine and will of Ninjutsu that her grandparents had engraved into her mind. With her knowledge, intellect and skill, she quickly moved up in the ranks and eventually became the General of the village, their leader. Once in command of the entire village, she used that military system to re-establish the shinobi era's doctrine and forced the village to return to the old generation's ideals and teachings. While things returned to the old days, the mark of advancement had been made and some modern things were kept. Now the village still operates under the power of the mighty military with Vex as their General: she was referred to both General and Hokage. The village kept the camouflage uniforms but incorporated more shinobi-like attire, even now, Konoha is still known for its military power and uniforms.

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Konohagakure Empty Re: Konohagakure

Post by Vex on Wed Sep 23, 2015 3:06 pm

Konohagakure no Sato

  1. Uchiha

Konohagakure Tumblr_mraa6tjNLD1s0ik3ko3_500

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